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Pastor Ray A. Ricketts




Pastor Ray & First Lady Arnett RickettsPastor Ray Alexander Ricketts and his family came to Pennsylvania seeking a slow-paced and quiet life for themselves and their children. They attended several churches until they found Calvary Temple, which they decided to make their home.

Pastor Ray is a graduate of Grambling State University, where he obtained a BA in Political Science. He then attended New York Theological Seminary where he earned a Masters degree in Divinity. His hobby is a great hunger to know God more; he feeds this by reading and studying the Word of God as well as great biblical scholars of the past and present.

He has been in ministry for over twenty-one years and is currently the Senior Pastor at Calvary Temple of Allentown. Pastor Ray truly believes in co-laboring within the body of Christ; in doing so this has afforded him the privilege of working on the boards of One Voice Pastors Network and Share the Power. Both ministries actively pursue unity in the body of Christ so that the kingdom of God may advance in the Lehigh Valley.

He now feels the call upon his life to make disciple makers who thirst to make disciples. He envisions an army of disciple-makers raised up to disciple communities and nations until the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Pastor Ray and his wife Arnett have three children and three grandchildren. Their oldest daughter, a graduate of Morgan State University lives in Virginia with her family. Their middle child, a daughter, is a graduate of East Stroudsburg University. Their youngest and only son has a passion for finance and is actively working on fulfilling this goal.

First Lady Arnett is a graduate of BMCC; she is an avid reader and a great supporter of her husband. She retired after more than 40 years in the workforce but found that retirement was not for her. She has four sisters and one brother.

Pastor Jean Masiko




Pastor Jean MasikoPastor Jean, together with her husband, Joel, was part of a team of believers, who in conjunction with Pastor Timothy Helms, established Living Stone Fellowship in the year 2000. She is currently the Senior Pastor at THE HEALING PLACE at Living Stone Fellowship. She is also the President of Kingdom Enterprise, LLC and To Change A Nation, Inc.

This powerfully anointed and beloved woman of God was ordained in 2005 by Pastor Henry Hinn of Restoration Ministries Outreach. In 2008, she received a second ordination through Christ Love Ministries International from Apostle Charles and Pastor Donna Ndifon. She also received a special commendation for her studies and teaching with Dr. Bill Hamon, Christian International Ministries Network, where she is certified as a teacher of Ministering Spiritual Gifts. She is a licensed teacher with Streams Ministries International. Jean personally learned under John Paul Jackson and is trained in Biblical dream interpretation and instruction in The Art of Hearing God. Over the past thirty-five years, Pastor Jean has studied under many other apostles, pastors, and leaders, such as Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Marilyn Hickey, Oral Roberts, and Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda.

Pastor Jean and her husband, Joel traveled with Benny Hinn Ministries for over ten years, where Jean worked as part of the verification team that documented hundreds of miracles at the Benny Hinn events. They also traveled extensively throughout South America, South Africa, St. Croix, St. Thomas, and Canada bringing healing and life to the people of these nations.

Pastors Jean carries an anointing to administer, oversee, teach, and preach as recognized in the Word for the equipping of the saints, unifying the body for the work of ministry, and edifying of the body of Christ throughout the world.

Pastor Jean is also an entrepreneur who founded Admiral Business Communications, a firm that provides consulting services for original business start-ups, financial analysis, sales and marketing development, and creation of business/education alliances. Through her years of entrepreneurship, she purposed to develop new and innovative ways to help others become successful through discovering and perfecting their God-given talents.

Pastor Matthew Catricola





Pastor Matt CatricolaMy name is Matthew Catricola and I am the Pastor of Allentown Victory.

There was a time when I was looking for a good Church, and because of previous disappointments with leaders, I was looking for a ministry with a leader who had some credentials. So this is why, if you are like me, you are reading this, and I think it’s wise. Now I won’t tell you everything, hopefully, we can meet in person and get to know each other more that way. But for now, here are a few things about me and my family.

I was born in New York City and lived on the border of New Jersey and New York with my parents and big brother. I was dedicated and grew up in the Church. I gave my life to Christ at the age of 4. As a child, I always remembered our life being centered around Church. I grew up learning to have to sit and listen to the services and also had the opportunity to be part of the Church orchestra (don’t be impressed, I played a plastic trumpet.) My sister was then born and we moved to Allentown, PA.

We then found a Church to go to, for a while. There were a few church splits, unfortunately, and then we found a Church in Kutztown we all liked. It was at this Church that I got my first opportunity to preach when I was 16. I had a lot of stage fright up to this time, but I then realized that God’s message was more important than my fear. My fear was so small compared to the message of God’s love that people needed to hear. God moved powerfully in that service, and I saw a glimpse of the call of God in action in my life. I had more opportunities as a young man to speak at this Church and others.

At the age of 17 I went to South Africa with Teen Mania for 2 months. Saw God do incredible things, such as creative miracles, and healings, and over 10,000 people made a decision to accept Jesus in their lives. Lots of stories to share here.

I got hooked on missions at that point, after high school I went to a great Bible College in sunny, no snow, no shoveling, and no heavy coats, Orange County, California. This Bible College was a great training ground for me and sharpened me as a minister. During Bible College, I traveled to Mexico and India on missions. Upon graduation, I was sent out to be a Missionary in Mongolia. Again all these mission trips have stories I would love to share with you in person someday. Eight months later I returned.

Upon returning, the church and Bible College I went to collapsed due to sin in the ministry. It was at this time I searched as stated above, and found a Church in California. There I found some credible leaders that I submitted to. I stayed there and came on staff and lead multiple teams in multiple areas. It was there that I found a vision that was bigger than mine, a vision that incorporated mine in it, a biblical vision. I got stuck in a good way. With missions still (and always) in my heart, I helped in leading a team to El Salvador and Guatemala. I also began teaching in the Bible College there while attending a few classes to help finish up my Bachelor’s Degree in Theology.

Now in the middle of my eight years at the Church in California, I had to come back to Pennysylvania mainly because my father had two strokes. When I came back to California,  I worked in retail and eight months into one of the jobs I was promoted to assistant Manager and then six months later Manager of this retail store. I also continued to serve in the Church as an associate Pastor before being sent to Allentown.

We are excited and full of faith and vision for what God has us, and you, here to do. There is no better place to be than in the center of God’s Will, and we know that it’s right here and right now.

Pastor Tony Adamo



Pastors Tony & Tammy AdamoPastor Tony is after the heart of God in all matters, especially when living the Kingdom Life. He leads from the front lines with his unconditional Love and willingness to Service.

As a former missionary to Ecuador, he and his wife Tammy founded Kingdom Life Global Ministries in 1999 with a desire to reach many with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

His passion is to see people set free, raised up, and sent out to do great things for the Kingdom of God. He has God’s dream in his heart for YOU and is excited to see you become all God made you to be.