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A Letter from a Founding Member

Pastor Jorge Navedo

This year One Voice celebrates twenty-three years. It wasn’t a personal plan but it was God’s plan. Many times we got together to plan to do something but when God wants to do something, He uses whomever He pleases.  I remember when Rev. Marilyn Hartman came to my office. She called a few times with the plan that she had about Spain. Quite a few times I rejected her call but she was persistent.

I told the secretary I would see her and she outlined her plan. It was never accomplished because I told her what was happening.  And she said I didn’t know that there was a revival taking place. And she became encouraged.

That’s how One Voice began Pastor Randy came. He came to the Spanish services and he would receive the blessing. He then introduced me to Pastor Jack Growblewshi. I didn’t know Jack, we were in the same city, but Jack’s daughter was to attend a revival meeting.

All the things that God does we don’t know.  When we went to see Jack it was simply to meet another pastor. But God had a plan, it was One Voice. We talked until 11 am in a conference room and when we began to end our conversation, the power of God fell. We stayed there until about 2pm. Just the three of us, prostrate on the floor acting like crazy men. We were laughing and crying.

When we ended Pastor Randy said, why don’t we get together again next Thursday? Pastor Randy and Pastor Jack had big churches, they said they were going to check their agendas with their secretaries. I didn’t have anything, but I said, “Okay, I’ll check my agenda with my secretary.”

We got together again and the same thing happened, we got together another time and the same thing happened for about a month and a half. We continued to pray. We didn’t talk, We had nothing to develop. We just got together and the power of God would fall.

Other pastors started to see and they joined the group. Then we had a multicultural group, it was God doing that.

There was a moment that the enemy attacked.  Pastor Randy was attacked and he removed himself. I don’t blame him.  One Voice took a dip.

Many who were here said well, we will continue in another place. I told  Gary and Tim everyone can leave  but I will continue to pray,  because this is God.  when I said that Gary said I’m going to stay with you. Tim said I’m going to stay with you, and Jack also.

We continued to pray.  We didn’t give up. We didn’t give up.

Pastor Jorge Navedo

Senior Pastor
Templo El Refugio