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The History of One Voice Pastors Network

One Voice celebrates twenty-three years now. It wasn’t a personal plan it was God’s plan. Many times we got together to plan to do something. But when God wants to do something. He uses whomever he pleases. I remember when you went to my office. You called a few times. Quite a few times I rejected and you were persistent. And what you went with that



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one voice celebrates 23 years now know what brand you know, it wasn’t a personal plan. But it was God’s plan. Many times we got together to do things. but when God wants to do something He uses whomever He pleases. I remember when you went to my office. You called a few times. I killed a bad night always with the plan. That you have from about Sunday rest quite a few times I rejected 2020 But you persisted it really hurt us I get it that are giving and I told the secretary let her come out okay if we look at an overall picture compared to look at our past and what you went with, it was never accomplished because I tell you what was happening. You’re not savvy. And you said I didn’t know that there was a revival. ETL take Molly’s and you became encouraged. At the impersonal one boy. That’s how one voice began noctel Randy Reno Pastor Randy came time being also he being auto salvage Have you had any unknown He came to the Spanish services he has you you have ended up in the show and he will receive the blessing email you I got and then he said yeah I didn’t know Jack dawned on me Matthew that we were in the same city or they had not been yet but Jack’s daughter was to attend on top of all the things that God does we don’t know if we Marbella yeah when we went to see Jack environment if we’re gonna say hello to battle it was simply to meet another pastor. No, you have to knew him. But God had a plan and It was One Voice. Yeah.

And when we went to end our conversation it was like 11am And in the conference room that was there. The power of God fell and we stayed there till about 2pm National Drug Testing robot in Pisa. Us three just frustrated. I’m not going to local acting like crazy and you’re laughing you’re under crime. Require not me now more. And when we ended Caros Randy Rico, Randy said unknown tangled and whoever why don’t we get together again next Thursday. You come while you’re thinking you’re gonna check it out and says they had big churches zero mama check the other hand, they’re gonna figure it out. Yeah, we’re going to check the agenda with our secretary. You don’t have any. I didn’t have anything good hit again. How many she got the hand up? And I said okay, I’ll check my agenda. Women on tama, and we got together again. And the same thing happened when we went on time we got together again, he wouldn’t be possible the same thing happened to me he married for about a month and a half. We continue. We didn’t we had nothing to Elementen own Tanya. Okay. We just got together the power of God before you have to factor in. Other pastors started to see you soon if you got them and they joined the group. Yes, you and Jana Moreno blanc club then you had me the whites the blacks the it was God doing that. Yeah, well momentum read the article. There was a moment that the enemy attacked. He packed around the Fatah colloquium for the Pastor Randy was attacked. I don’t blame him. He held Cicchitto and he removed himself. yeah, one voice and one voice took a dip attack in which we had I’m wearing a Walmart figuring out receipt here. many who were here said well, we continue in another place. you’re ready. Hi, Gary. yeah, yeah team. and I told Gary and Tim ship wedding in total. All can leave your website you’re gonna keep but I will continue to pray, to do, because this is God, you’re gonna really here so when I said that good and you’re gonna make a lot I mean, Gary said I’m gonna stay with you. You said I’m gonna stay with you, Josh. I’m being in Jack also anymore and we continue to pray. And he. My family, I didn’t give up. I didn’t give up regularly. This year I came to visit Ray, radio my work has been a pipe dream. And that’s home Ray. I’m just going to tell you that I’m going to step down to the repeaters unfamiliar No. But the Spirit of God told me no no nothing media you are the seed. Nothing me yes, it would allow me if you take out the seed the tree die. You must remain King obedience and that’s why I’m here in obedience. And I will continue man you’re gonna get under closer. God has great things you emitting in arrows need a presser God saw me in January and I told Ray This is why I have not been attending everything. Dean what I’m more fed up because I felt I was in another round. I told my wife I feel strange this time we know is she said are you saying? I said no. I told her I don’t know what’s happening but I feel mystery. I feel like I’m here but I’m also not closer and functioning and doing things but I feel that my spirit is elsewhere. When I met my mother, well, one of the mornings when I was praying up to marry her spirit of God told me that make her look at my son. You know what’s happening if anyone thought that I’ve raised you to another atmosphere, but can we think of course as I’m going to do great things last year with the church with the local church. I’m going to open the heavens don’t do this. You know here. This is a time of open heaven. We’re happy to show it and I’m going to pour my spirit upon all the earth you bring me into town you know there’s going to be simultaneous survive you know bye nobody will be the start those revival btw because it’s going to be my spirit. So I thought I can name over all flesh. Yeah que tener la memoria and he said this, the same thing is going to happen here. If you have a needle that’s why I had not intended a Nokia, Nokia, Nokia 9 million other already I just don’t want to get contaminated. I want to continue that realm. away but the Spirit of God told me today come on motto I love you all. I pray for you all equally. And I tell the Lord see me more immediate means it my Jeff is a see for revival maybe that to hear my life is yours. That you can take it. See you so quick. I mean, if that’s what the price will revive. I’m willing to die. So you could pour a revival in souls with charity
and the church will be restored once again
thank you
nobody’s going to see it.
Amen. Great. Hey, come into method because God never admits
he’s never lied to the committee. He told me you’re going to see it before I take

a close look at Passover and Tennessee when I see what happened in Tennessee jumped on right in the Spirit of God told me there’s no stock everybody to sell is my spirit. Yes, you know and that’s how many revalue no one will be able to take pride because I’m the one that’s going to get the glory. That’s crazy.

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